Shibuyan Knights is a Table Top Role Playing Game (RPG) set in a fictional Japanese Anime setting. Players choose their guilds, their specialties and character motivations, and role play adventures in and around Shibuya.

Shibuya is a vast walled city that’s been defending itself from magical demonic creatures since the Shatter. The Shatter was event that exiled the Kami, the spirit rulers of the world, and ushered in an era of human rule. Only the Oni, a giant tribal race, can restore the Kami if they get into Shibuya, so rule number one, Don’t let Oni into Shibuya.

Inside the walls, life in Shibuya has settled into selfish banality. Society is run by eight guilds, that were once disciplines to defend Shibuya, but they’ve fallen into petty infighting. At times, the guilds are a few level heads away from all out war. Outside the walls, you have to worry about being killed, eaten or worse.

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