Monk Guild

Monks love the old ways. Hate the new ways. They long for the days when the Emperor was strong and men feared dragons. This new age of peace and prosperity is counter to the ancient way when only the strong survived and destiny was the work of the Gods.

Monk Playbook

When you play a Monk, you earn XP when you bless people who seek your blessing. (Click Here for a Character Sheet)

Starting Builds

If you want some guidance to set up your character quickly, Use one of the templates below.

Priest. (Muscle)(Notice)(Fight) Feat: MEDITATION

Arcane Fighter (Muscle)(Magic)(Fight) Feat: ARCANE FIST

Hard Head. (Muscle)(Fight)(Fight) Feat: TOUGH AS NAILS

Officiant (Muscle)(Cajole)(Fight) Feat: GREAT WORDS

Colorful Friends

Monk Master


Monk Rival

Roppongan Slick

Monk Feats

Feats require skill level minimums. Characters choose one feat during character creation and can add another during downtime.

BLESS/CURSE (Magic, Strong)
On a successful magic roll, +1 or -1 to all rolls for one day. This is not cumulative.
Honer the old ways. Before man dabbled in magic and sought to harness nature with devices, they sought priests to be blessed. Food and family were enough.

LEAP TO FEET (Strong, Swipe)
Character can leap to their feet as a free roll.

DEFENDER (Strong, Fight)
+4 to Defend another character. +2D6 armor when Defending.
We’re called to defend. The old ways don’t judge who you are, but they say we must care for one another.

HEALING (Magic, Swipe)
On a successful Magic roll, Remove 1 Level of Harm. -1 per Level. A character can only receive 1 Healing per day.
Be healed. Everyone scoffs at the old ways until they get hurt. Then they come begging, pleading for the traditions of their ancestors. They always do.

TOUGH AS NAILS (Muscle)(Fight)(Fight)
Penalties from harm are one level less severe.
You are soft. The old ways taught us to rule the land, and here you are, weak. I will save you but you should study the old ways.

NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH (Strong, Fight, Fight)
+2 to Muscle rolls. +2 to Fight multiple opponents.
Your training begins! Watch and learn the power of the old ways. You too can be powerful if you give up your vanity and try. 

ARCANE FIST (Muscle)(Magic)(Fight)
You may imbue your hands, feet, melee weapons, or tools with magic energy.
You’re magic is vulgar. And it is no match for the old ways. It makes you weak and that is unfortunate.

MEDITATION (Muscle)(Notice)(Fight)
You and characters that spend a downtime with you gain 3D6 Stress
Calm yourself. The true power of the old ways is being centered within oneself and ordering your mind to tune in with the source of all power.

GREAT WORDS (Muscle)(Cajole)
With a successful Cajole Roll, you can give another character +1 in any skill


Each Character chooses a “Decompress Style”. Your Decompress Style is how you relax during downtimes. Relaxation removes stress.  

Farming & Cooking

Going to Sea

Fighting, Gambling


Drinking, Eating