Roppongan Guild

Roppongans (Ro-pong-ans) are the life of the party they probably weren’t invited to. I mean, it’ll be a fun party, but some of the silver will come up missing and things will get broken in the fight that breaks out.

Roppongan Playbook.

When you play a Roppongan, you earn XP when you address challenges with shady dealing, misdirection and discretion. (Click Here for a Character Sheet)

Starting Builds

If you want some guidance to set up your character quickly, Use one of the templates below.

SLICK (Notice)(Notice) – Feat: Side Hustle

BULLY (Notice) (Fight) – Feat: Back stab

FENCE (Notice) (Notice) – Feat: Nose Knows

GEISHA (Notice) (Cajole) – Feat: Sweet Talk

Colorful Friends

Nagamoto. A highly regarded Roppongan boss that hires people to fulfill his favors.

Aki Noble. A Samurai Warrior once infamous in the Pit Fighting Circuit

___ Tink who always needs some rare and exotic materials

___ A Fence.

Flik – A Roppongan on the assent known for bet making and womanizing.

ROPPONGAN FEATS (Required Skill Levels)

SIDE HUSTLE (Notice, Notice)
Roppongan gets +2 to all downtime Rep rolls with ‘her/ his people’
People like you. You always know where the good stuff is, who’s doing what, and what’s about to go down. You got people everywhere, and they’re all happy to help them, because they help you.

TRAP MASTER (Notice, Make)
+2 to Notice, Set, or disarm a trap, lock or Security
People lock what they value. Find the security and you find the goods. No one locks junk.

BACK STAB (Notice, Fight)
+2 to attach from behind, surprise. -2 to opponents Resistance
There’s an art to knowing where in the neck, kidneys or head to hit someone. It’s not a dirty trick, more a stroke of art.

MAGIC FINGERS (Notice, Swipe)
+2 to sleight of hand, steal, or hustle someone with manual dexterity.
Nothing up my sleeve. The trick is misdirection. A flash of the eyes, now what’s yours is mine.

 NOSE KNOWS (Notice, Notice, Make)
+2 to detect magic, authenticity, quality, and or learn forensic knowledge about an object, item or location.
The difference between a real and a fake is subjective. It takes a keen eye to know authentic from a fake. Part of that is knowing the story of a document, object or creation. Things will talk to you and tell your their stories if you listen.

SWEET TALK (Notice, Cajole)
+3 to cajole, ask a favor of, or borrow an object or money. Target will operate under a mild level of Mind Control for up to 1 hour sure it was his idea.
There’s a way to ask for anything and get it. Everyone wants something, be it action, adventure or just to be in the ‘in crowd.’ The promise is almost always better than reality.

FIXED DICE (Notice, Swipe, Swipe)
+2 to make a rigged game, -2 for opponents to Resist
You play to win, right? Some people bring a knife to a dice game. Others bring their own dice. Any game can be rigged, and anyone can be conned. Trick is knowing when and where to put the fix in.

SHADOW WALK (Notice, Notice, Sneak, Sneak, Sneak)
Roppongan travels soundless, trace-less and cannot be detected without magic.
Become one with the shadows. There’s trying to sneak, then there’s moving without a trace. Some tip toe, you disappear.