Warriors Guild

Warriors come in all flavors and sizes. From the  noble Samurai, devious Ninja, glory loving hero, to the reliable Constable, being a warrior means fighting the good fight. Or the bad fight, if the money’s right. 

Warrior’s Playbook

When you play a Warrior, you earn XP when you address a challenge by drawing your weapon in combat. (Click Here for a Character Sheet)

Starting Builds

If you want some guidance to set up your character quickly, Use one of the templates below.

Samurai (Fight)(Notice) Feat: FAST DRAW

Ninja (Fight)(Sneak)(Sneak) Feat: DOUBLE STRIKE

Constable (Fight)(Muscle) Feat: ARREST

Hero (Fight)(Fight) Feat: SUBDUE A CROWD

Colorful Friends

Brewer Bartender

Monk Antagonist

Tsukijan Love Interest

Roppongan Bookmaker

Warrior Feats

Feats require skill level minimums. Characters choose one feat during character creation and can add another during downtime.

FAST DRAW (Fight, Swipe)
+2 to Hit on a weapon draw w 2x Damage.
Draw! Old school duel style, “I will strike you down in the first blow.” First one to draw, lives.

FIND WEAKNESS (Fight, Notice)
+1 to Notice flaws in an opponent’s style and armor. IF successful do 2x damage for the duration of the fight. -2 for subsequent attempts
Stalling? Who’s stalling? You think I’m stalling but really, I got you pegged. In one shot, you’re going down.

DOUBLE STRIKE (Fight, Fight, Swipe)
Strike 2 times for an attack. Designate which weapon. Double Strike needs to be taken per weapon.
Not the staff! Give him a sword. If he gets his hands on a staff, we’re all through. Not even a broomstick.

ARREST (Fight, Strong)
In combat, entangle an opponent with a Muscle roll. Opponent needs to make a Muscle-2 to escape. This can be done by hand, or with a rope, cuffs or other reasonable option.
Struggle all you want. You’ll never get out of this arm bar. Keep struggling, You have until my friends arrive, then we’ll get to the bottom of this.

SUBDUE A CROWD (Fight, Strong, Strong)
Warrior doesn’t take a minus to attacking or defending against multiple attackers. Also gets +2 to Command a crowd.
Come’on, all of you at once! Some people just like group stuff. Other folks just get a little cocky.

TACTICS (Fight, Cajole, Notice)
With a successful Cajole Roll, companions gain +1 to Hit +1 to resist for the duration of the fight or situation.
“Hit them where it hurts!” There’s something about a rousing word that stirs the hearts. I mean, it could be obvious that you have to win in an important fight, but one person saying it the right way can make all the difference.

SPIRIT WEAPON (Fight, Fight, Magic, Strong)
Warrior can summon a weapon from her or his Chi that works as a weapon +2 to hit and damage hand to hand and at range.
I am always armed. Why trust in wood and steel, when you know it will fade away. The power of one’s Chi is a constant, and with training, can always be relied upon.