Tink Guild

(Make, Pilot)

The Tinks of Akihabara can build anything. And it’ll work for a while. Building is re-building, right? Everything is built by the design philosophy of Aki the great: You’ll know what you’re doing by the time you’ve done it.

Tink Playbook

When you play a Tink, you earn XP when you address challenges trying to build something new, fix or scavenge a solution. (Click Here for a Character Sheet)

Starting Builds

If you want some guidance to set up your character quickly, Use one of the templates below.

Driver (Make)(Pilot) Feat: STUNTS

Armorer (Make)(Fight) Feat: WRECK

Demolition Make (Make)(Notice) Feat: STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY

Mech Pilot (Make, Make, Notice) Feat: SCAVENGE

Colorful Friends




Legendary Tink


COBBLE (Make, Swipe)
Tink can build something during combat without a negative to building or combat roll.

STUNTS ((Make, Pilot)
+2 to Pilot role to do something awesome with a vehicle. Kick up dusts, “Catch” someone (if speed is adequate), Jump a car, roll a Pod,

WRECK (Make, Fight)
+2 to attack with the intent to disable something. Not for Targeting Attacks

+2 Insight on how a place was built, which way water runs, how sturdy a door is, If a ledge will hold, and ways of escape.

SCAVENGE (Make, Make, Notice)
+2 to make something using parts, does not entirely disable original object being scavenged from

INSPIRATION (Make, Make, Make, Notice, Notice)
Tink can cobble an object from bubblegum and Stretchy Tape that seems to do the impossible for one use. Tink needs a downtime to recover this ability.