Tsukijan Guild

The Sailors of Tsukiji (Su’key-gee) are undercover pirates of the air, land or sea. They, get around and are full of secrets. Either sex are notorious for being wonderful lovers. This is probably related to their mystique and their air or adventure. Most likely guild to have experience outside the Wall.

Tsukijan Playbook 

When you play a Tsukijan, you earn XP when you address challenges by diving right in and figuring it out later. (Click Here for a Character Sheet)

Starting Builds

If you want some guidance to set up your character quickly, Use one of the templates below.

Swashbuckler (Swipe)(Fight) Feat: CALLED SHOT

Corsair (Swipe)(Cajole) Feat: SWINDLE

Captain (Swipe)(Pilot)(Fight) Feat: COMBAT PILOT

Buccaneer (Swipe)(Sneak)(Notice) Feat: WILDERNESS SURVIVAL

Colorful Friends

Tink Mechanic

Roppongan Fence

Brewer Chemist

Scorned Lover (From a Guild)

Tsukijan Feats

Feats require skill level minimums. Characters choose one feat during character creation and can add another during downtime.

DEXTERITY (Swipe, Swipe)
Swing, run, swim and jump at twice normal speed with no negatives.
Flight is possible. Once you unburden yourself from trivial problems, you’re free to be where ever you need to be.

CALLED SHOT (Swipe)(Fight)
+2 to attack, shoot, or shove hitting a specific target. Usable to break something, disarm someone, or shoot someone’s eye out.
Strike true! Center mast is for suckers. If there’s something in her hand, hit her in the hand. Don’t want him to talk? Hit him in the mouth.

FEATHER FALL (Swipe, Strong)
Tsukijan can use a scarf or article of clothing to fall from great heights without being injured.
Float like a butterfly. Some people are afraid of heights. Falling from low heights are dangerous. But high heights give you time to think, contemplate, be free. Land when you’re ready. Don’t be rushed.

Tsukijan has been outside the wall and has +2 to Notice and Stealth and get some food.
Home is where your hat is. It’s not about where you are, but being in tune with where you are. On the sea, in the air, or on the road, life will go on, and if you look for life, you’ll find it.

SWINDLE (Swipe)(Cajole)
+2 to trade, borrow, or negotiate.
You can trust me. That line never works, Does it? Wait? What! It worked.

COMBAT PILOT (Swipe)(Pilot)(Fight)
+2 to Fight with a vehicle
Look out! How is she shooting and flying that pod sideways? Now backwards? And… whoah! She took out all four mechs!

MY RIDE (Swipe, Swipe, Make, Make)
+2 to repair your ride.
Hands off the ride. A Tsukijan has a special relationship with his ride. On a good day, both fire on all cylinders. But if the pod or ship needs some patching, He’ll get under the hood with some TLC (Time Learned Care) to get things back to running.

Choose a Special Ability from another playbook. Appropriate Skill levels are required.

Tsukijans can cast a mage’s spell for 2xs Stun.