There’s nothing subtle about Arcane powers. Opening your chi outside the material plane brings gusts of power and a cacophony of noise that crackles in our atmosphere. Then there’s the yelling of incantations and air written ruins to control this power. So yeah you can do cool stuff, but there’s nothing discreet about it.

When you play a Mage, you earn XP when you solve a problem with Magic. (Click Here for a Character Sheet)

Starting Builds

If you want some guidance to set up your character quickly, Use one of the templates below.

Elementalists (Magic)(Fight) Feat: STORM BRINGER

Lifers (Magic)(Muscle) Feat: MAGIC DEFENSE

Illusionists (Magic)(Sneak) Feat: MAGIC ENABLE

Beast Mage (Magic)(Notice) Feat: POLYMORPH

Colorful Friends

Monk Master


Monk Rival

Roppongan Slick

Mage Feats

Feats require skill level minimums. Characters choose one feat during character creation and can add another during downtime.

MAGIC ATTUNE (Magic, Notice)
+2 to Detect Magic or enchanted items
Sense it’s magical aura. Detecting magic can become a routine activity. Like any muscle, the more you do it, the better you get.

POLYMORPH (Magic, Notice)
+2 to cast spells that allow mage to use animal abilities

STORM BRINGER (Magic, Fight)
+2 to use an attack spell as an area affect attack spell.
You get flamed, and you get flamed! It’s one thing to cast a spell, it’s exponentially more difficult to cast that spell over a controlled area.

MAGIC DEFENSE (Magic, Fight, Fight)
+2 Def to Magic Defend roll
That mage can take a hit! With enough combat experience, a mage can use magic defensively the way a warrior might use a shield.

MAGIC ENABLE (Magic, Muscle, Muscle)
+2 to improve chosen skill roll for self or others.
A little help to your friends? Everyone need to pull more weight? Improve their Muscle rolls. Your buddy need to be stealthy? Improve her Sneak roll. Your friends need this for longer than the next action? Then you better extend the duration.

LOW ROAR (Magic, Notice, Swipe)
+2 to “Casting Conveniences”
Sssshhhhhh! Sometimes you need to cast a spell very very quietly. And sometimes you’re a little tied up for gestures. Here’s a boost being discreet in your casting.

EFFORTLESS (Magic, Magic, Magic, Strong, Strong)
Spells work for ½ Stress
With experience, you don’t so much control magic, as let it flow through you, convincing it to server your purpose. Where young mages wrestle with chi powers, experienced mages dance.

ENCHANT ITEM (Magic, Magic, Make, Make)
+4  to project rolls to create enchanted items.
They can’t do magic! But if you make them a wand, they can do a trick. Or a ring if they tend to lose things.

MAGIC CARPET (Magic, Magic, Pilot)
+2 to pilot an object used to fly a mage to and fro.
Carpets don’t need maintenance. For all the obsession over Tink devices and vehicles, a mage can just levitate a carpet, platform or whatever, and anyone standing on it is going for a ride.

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