The Brewer’s of Ebisu are about the best people you will find. Brewing beer, wine and tinctures is a very by the book science and Brewers are very by the book kind of people.

When you play a Brewer, you earn XP when you … (Click Here for a Character Sheet)

Starting Builds

If you want some guidance to set up your character quickly, Use one of the templates below.

Cooks (Make, Notice) Feat: GOOD HOT MEAL

Field Chemists. (Make, Fight) Feat: GRENADE

Bartender. (Make, Cajole) Feat: BARTENDER KNOWS

Physician (Make, Muscle) Feat: SET BONES

Colorful Friends

Roppongan Bookmaker

Tsukijan Lothario

Grizzled Warrior

Tink Upstart

Brewer Feats

Feats require skill level minimums. Characters choose one feat during character creation and can add another during downtime.

GOOD HOT MEAL (Make, Notice)
Upon a successful Make roll, you create a meal that recovers full stress, counts as a rest.

COMMAND ANIMAL (Notice, Cajole)
If you feed an animal you get +2 to Cajole that animal.

GRENADE (Notice, Fight)
+2 to hit with exploding grenades

+2 Notice rolls for detect lie. Brewer doesn’t need to ask questions. People just feel compelled to tell him the truth.

CHEMIST CUTS (Muscle, Muscle)
+5 Defense when dealing with hot items, chemical burns. +2 resistance to Poison, smoke damage, and flash.

IDENTIFY (Make, Notice)
+2 to notice plants, minerals, smells and poop.

SET BONES (Make, Muscle)
On a successful Make roll, recover 2 Trauma take 5 minutes to 1 hour.

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